Baingan Small (500 Gram)




Brinjal Baigan Small Round

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While in Hindi, it is known as ‘Sabziyon ka Raja’, most of us think that it is very boring to eat Brinjal. Also known as eggplant thanks to its shape, this vegetable comes in different sizes as well as colors. But did you know that Brinjals are packed with a host of Ayurvedic benefits? Read on to know what they are!

Brinjal is quite a versatile vegetable. It can be added to soups, salads or curries, or eaten just plain roasted. Though it is disliked by many people, the ones who like it swear by it. It has a very bland sort of flavor, and doesn’t really overpower much.

Here are some Ayurvedic benefits of Brinjal:

Eating Brinjals that have been roasted with a little salt takes care of phlegm. It clears the nasal passages.
If you have trouble with digestion, try having some Brinjal and tomato soup. It can make you feel much better.
Eating roasted Brinjal with raw sugar on an empty stomach helps in curing enlarged spleen.
Brinjal has the capacity to destroy kidney stones in their initial stage.
Brinjals are a good source of Vitamin A and B.
Brinjal is good for diabetics. It is anti-diabetic in nature.
Brinjal also regulates cholesterol and helps reduce bad cholesterol.
It is a rare vegetable that can be cooked with minimal oil. Infact, even grilling it with a drop of oil makes for a very tasty appetizer!
So whether you like brinjal or not, fact is that it is healthy for you, and even healthier for your child! So make sure to include it in the diet!

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